Gallery: Honey Tasting and Summer Picnic Potluck


Brightening up this rainy day with some summer memories. We tasted 13 honeys from throughout the Western US at our August picnic potluck. Here is a gallery with our tasting notes from the light & floral blackberry to the rustic, "barnyard" buckwheat.

We ended up tasting WA honeys mainly from outside Seattle, but we're definitely going to do this again and will be sure to include some our Seattle folks, too, like the Urban Bee Co., Ballard Bee Co., and others. Photo #3 (Above): Blackberry (Snohomish, WA): nondescript, medium sweetness, subtle, not a lot of depth, lighter, mineral, “burns throat,” thick, traditional, “sweet side,” “nice tang,” “adequate with a lil spice” Photo #4: Buckwheat (Eastern, WA): Molasses (x3), dark, pancakes, deep notes, long finish, herbal, tart, earthy, cocoa, plum sauce, rustic (taste & texture), barnyard, hay, soy sauce, “lots of flavor,” “want with blue cheese” (2 favorites, 1 “don’t really like” note, also chef Varin was not a fan).

Photo #1 (Above): Catclaw (Arcosanti, AZ): light (x2), lemony, mellow, low sweetness, wheaty, herbal, almost citrus, crystallized texture, coffeeish, smooth flavor, “too sweet? Potently sweet!” (2 favorite). Photo #2: Knotweed (Duvall, WA): grass, bittersweet, deep, heavy sweetness, “almost like it has rum in it,” medium texture, “tiny bit bitter,”“tingles throat”. Picture #3: Malibu (CA): medium vibrancy, malty, smooth (x3), molasses, lighter tasting, pear, salt, medium texture, “lux!” Photo #4: Maple tree (WA): floral (x3), high sweetness, jasmine, bright, mapley, “maple syrup with a flowery taste,” woody, light texture, “burns throat”

Photo #1 (Above): Mesquite (AZ): nondescript, richer at end, vanilla, strong, smooth, maple, peppery, chocolate, medium texture, “very sweet!” (1 favorite). Photo #2: Orange blossom (Bakersfield, CA): honeysuckle, bright (x2), medium-light sweetness, flowery, “extra sweet,” medium texture, citrus (x2), “heavier tasting with orange,” “tastes like regular honey to me!,” “teeny bit of citrus,” “like candy” (1 favorite). Photo #3: Prickly pear (AZ): delicate and gelatinous, very sweet, bright, long finish, distinctive, smooth, fruity, mellow, sticky texture, “almost apricot,” “sweet up front,” “pretty chill,” “not cloying,” straightforward. Photo #4: Wild Primrose/Fireweed (WA): weak, watery, light flavor/consistency, maple, peppery, floral (x3), silky, caramel, “super sweet!,” medium texture, “almost jasmine,” (1 favorite)

Photo #1 (Above): Saguaro (AZ): low sweetness, nondescript, earthy, rougher texture, coffee, smoke, crystallized texture, crunchy, desert-y, “just sweet”. Closer look at the crystallization of the saguaro honey. Photo #2 Wildflower (Edison, WA): delicate, light (x2), sweet, plain, herbal, light texture, “not a lot of character”. Photo #3: Wildflower (Sonoran Desert, AZ)): big flavor, bitter, almost savory, long finish, standard, smooth, amber, smoky, caramel, medium texture, very sweet (x2), “too sweet, called me babydoll” (1 favorite).

In addition to all those honeys, we also had tasty food from our members and friends. Kristan really took it to the next level with a beautiful tablescape! (Also, we were very fortunate to have excellent neighbors for our picnic: the Seattle Ukulele Players Association. Vine from picnicker Lucia here: Mary, an RD, braved a hot oven on a hot weekend to bring some petite gluten free pizza. This one (Photo #3 Above) is fig and hazelnut. Thanks to all our picnickers.