Vote for the "July 5th" in the Slow Food Speakeasy Contest


Slow Food USA is running a "Slow Food Speakeasy" contest, which asked entrants to create a cocktail focusing on Ark of Taste products and local ingredients.

And some of our Slow Food neighbors here in Seattle - Christa and Shaun over at Booze Nerds - have made it to the finals! They are one of twelve contests in the final running to win a trip to the Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto world meeting in Turin, Italy.

Please check out their recipe and vote for their "July 5th" cocktail that features Sound Spirits Ebb & Flow Gin, Dr. Pickett's shrub, and more. Click here and scroll down to the bottom left to vote.

Check out their site for more details on the creation of this cocktail and for their other posts with other delicious-sounding drink ideas.

We asked them to tell us a little more about themselves and this drink and learned more about our fellow Slow Food enthusiasts. Check that out below and don't forget to vote!

Good luck to the Booze Nerds! Voting is open until June 19.

1. How did you hear about the contest?

We saw a mention of it in the 4/3 Slow Food USA newsletter.

2. What has been your relationship to Slow Food, both the actual organization and the concept itself?

We have a membership and occasionally go to local Slow Food events. We're very supportive of the ideals and goals of the organization, in terms of preserving local/heritage species, emphasizing fair practices for people involved in all stages of food production, and really enjoying time spent with friends and family preparing and eating good food.

3. Were you familiar with the Ark of Taste prior to the contest, or did the contest introduce you to that program?

Shaun was. Christa wasn't, so it was a great introduction. We'll have to make sure to mention it to the vendors at the U District farmers market that we usually go to, many of them raise great heritage fruits/vegetables/livestock that might be eligible.

4. Did this contest introduce you to any new-to-you ingredients you are curious about trying?

We were familiar with the spirits/liqueurs we used and had tried other Dr. Pickett's shrubs, but we hadn't tried the watermelon-violet one we ended up using.

5. Were there any of the Pacific Northwest region-specific Ark of Taste products that you played around with in the creation process?

No. We did play with rye, but that's nation-wide. We had thought about trying the birch syrup but hadn't gotten around to picking any up. We would have loved to use Black Republican cherries, which we've had before and are very fond of, but unfortunately they aren't in season yet.

6. Are there other general Pacific Northwest products (Ark or non-Ark) that you might not have included in this particular cocktail but that you love and would recommend to Slow Food folks?

Black Republican and Northstar cherries. Egremont russett apples (I think they are originally a British varietal, but the ones raised around here are phenomenal). On the non-cocktail front, pork and guinea hens from Seabreeze Farm and bacon from Skagit Valley Ranch. Anything from Blue Valley meats. Cherries, apples & stone fruits from Grouse Mountain farm.

7. What is the thing you would most look forward to if you won the trip to Terra Madre?

Introducing people to some great Pacific Northwest cocktail ingredients would be great. We think the Presidia and international marketplace would both be incredible chances to learn about and try artisanal foods from other regions. Also, being in Turin in October, hopefully we'd find our way to some Barolo and white truffles :)

8. Anything else you'd like to include?

If you like a good cocktail, we highly recommend that you check out the craft cocktail and distilling scene in the PNW. We have a lot of great products here that we just love.

Thanks, Christa and Shaun!