What is your Slow Food Story?

Photo Credit: Slow Food Biodiversity

Photo Credit: Slow Food Biodiversity

Slow Food's mission is "good, clean and fair food for all," and of course, that means a focus on local, sustainable and ethical food. But part of the "good" in the "good food" in our mission is also about history, tradition, and connection. Delicious food is always made a little more special when it comes with a good story.

Seaweed Man

So Slow Food wants to hear and share those stories, and to that end, has started the "Stories from a Slow Food Nation" project.

This is a collection of stories told by people in this country who keep food and farming strong.

These stories share deep knowledge meant to inspire others to celebrate or create their own food culture. They feature everyday people keeping traditions alive in their kitchens and backyards, in their raised beds and invoice sheets. They encourage more people to go slow, and spark conversations about the rich diversity that persists despite the inclinations of the industrial food system.

We must closely protect our ability to tell our stories. You have one to tell, and you’ll find that sharing it helps us all see that we are indeed a Slow Food nation; one that values good, clean and fair food for all, for today and for future generations.

You can see two short videos from the project here in this post, but check out even more over on the Stories page on the national site.

Do you have a Slow Food Story of your own? Share it with the Slow Food community! Here's the info on how you, too, can submit your story. They can be written, in audio or video format, or original works of art, whatever inspires you to tell your story of food and connection.

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Duty, Heart and Korean Soul in a Jar