Seeking Nominees for the Slow Food Seattle Board

Know a good candidate? Help grow our board.

[Thank you for all the nominee submissions, stay tuned for an announcement of the final list of candidates - we are no longer accepting additional nominations.]

The Nominating Committee of Slow Food Seattle (SFS) is soliciting nominations of people who may become candidates for new positions on our board of directors.

The first section below describes the duties and expectations of a board member and the second section is the questionnaire one would use to make an application to the nominating committee.

The nominating committee will evaluate the applications, possibly interview the nominee and determine who would be a candidate based on the attributes they would bring to balance the needs and existing strengths of the board.

The nominating committee will select a slate of candidates for board approval. They will then circulate bios of the candidates to SFS members by email and call for a vote at either the annual meeting or by email.

Please send nominees to no later than February 22, 2010.

Duties and Expectations for a Seattle Slow Food Board Director

  1. Be or become a member of Slow Food and commit to a three year term as a (volunteer) director.

  2. Attend monthly Board or special meetings throughout the year plus annual retreats.

  3. Bring a skill set or cardinal knowledge to the board. i.e. event planning, accounting, IT, marketing, social media, graphic design, farming, fishing, food preparation, etc.

  4. Have the capacity to contribute to building the Good, Clean, Fair philosophy in our community and collaborating with other like-minded organizations.

  5. Be actively involved in making policy decisions that ensure Seattle chapter activities and communications reflect Slow Food core values.

  6. Contribute time, ideas, and effort in creating and implementing at least one event within a calendar year.

  7. Support Slow Food Seattle's effort to recruit and maintain an active chapter membership by creating inclusive and balanced programming.

Questionnaire for Board Nominees

To apply please copy this section into a word document or email, respond to each question and send to our nominating committee.

  1. Contact and personal information.

  2. Are you familiar with Slow Food and if so what aspects of the organization have been of most interest to you?

  3. Which volunteer or professional organizations have you been a member and what was/is the extent of your involvement?

  4. Slow Food Seattle is dedicated to activities that create responsible and pleasurable experiences at the table. Please provide a brief description of your interest and activities related to such objectives.

  5. What attributes/skills would you bring to the Board of Directors and what roles would you see yourself contributing to on the board.