Slow Down Community Dinners

Slow down, gather together and enjoy the gastronomic pleasures of the table.

Farm Dinner.jpg

Our membership spans the greater Seattle area and our legendary traffic makes traveling to events difficult, so we are adapting by introducing a new program: community dinners. We are inviting all members to host local, neighborhood dinners all around Seattle that promote good food, meaningful conversation, and connection around the table.

Here's how it works.

Several dinners will happen on the same night, with the same theme, but in various neighborhoods across the greater Seattle area. Members who volunteer to host will connect with Slow Food Seattle to discuss logistics, create menus, and cultivate resources. Tickets will then be offered to the chapter, and members can choose a dinner and sign up to attend.


This is a great opportunity to get involved with Slow Food and connect with your community members by opening up your home and inviting people to your table. This doesn't mean that you have to do everything yourself. Consider inviting a co-host or two to get involved, or asking guests to bring food or beverages, or share the cost. 

In our fast-paced world, people crave meaningful, human connection. This is what Slow Food is all about: slowing down, gathering together, and enjoying the gastronomic pleasures of the table.