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Tuna Canning 2018

  • Pomegranate Bistro 18005 NE 68th Street Redmond, Wa 98052 USA (map)
Photo by Leslie Seaton

Photo by Leslie Seaton

Our members-only tuna canning event is back! Slow Food advocate and working fisherman Jeremy Brown is bringing the tuna, and Chef Lisa Dupar (Lisa Dupar Catering / Pomegranate Bistro) is providing the state-of-the-art kitchen.

Come and participate in the processes involved in canning the most delicious wild Pacific albacore tuna you have ever had the good fortune to eat. If you haven’t joined us in the past, you are in for a treat.

This is our most popular event of the year. To ensure a spot, sign up right away, as it usually sells out!

This event is for Slow Food members only, so if you would like to join us but are not a member, please sign up for a membership. If you would like to check your membership status, please contact

Tickets available at:

Ticketing Information

Please read carefully. We’ve set up a special tiered pricing on Brown Paper Tickets (BPT) and it can be a bit confusing.

A flat is 12 10-oz. jars of tuna
Pricing is as follows and includes the $10/person class fee:

• $100 1 person + 1 flat
• $190 1 person + 2 flats
• $110 1 person + 1 guest + 1 flat
• $200 1 person + 1 guest + 2 flats

Please Note: The sign up procedure via the drop-down requires a special set-up for those buying 2 flats. To allow you to register and buy two flats, with or without a guest, you will register for 2 units (this is done automatically in the process). Two units will equal the total price listed above. This will allow us to best track our total tuna needed for the event.

Patricia and John at a previous tuna canning event.

Patricia and John at a previous tuna canning event.

Scheduling Information

First shift: 9am-12pm for the canning portion, flat pick-up from 12-3pm
Second shift: 12-3pm for the canning portion, flat pick-up from 3-5pm.

Important scheduling note: Your flat will be ready at some point within the pick-up window, but it could be at the *end* of the window. We will give each attendee a numbered ticket as they arrive, one numbered ticket for each flat. The flats will be numbered as they are complete. If you get numbered ticket 1, you will get the first flat complete, numbered ticket 2, the second, and so on. Please note the tuna takes at least 90 minutes in the canner, and needs to cool well in order to be transported safely. In order to ensure your day goes smoothly, it's best to consider you could be picking up during the tail end of your pick-up window and plan accordingly.

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

Event Details

Jeremy Brown will again direct members in the trimming, packing, preparation, and canning techniques needed to provide you with a product that is incomparable to any such commercial product.

What will Jeremy bring?
Albacore tuna that was caught off the Washington coast this fall
• 10 oz canning jars
• Olive oil & sea salt
• A secret yet everyday ingredient that makes this the best tuna ever - you'll have to come to find out what it is! Rest assured, we don't know anyone who is allergic to the secret item.
• Pressure canners
The know-how to pull this all off!

What should I expect?
To make it easy, Jeremy will pre-cut the albacore in to steaks. What we will do is:
• Rinse the tuna steaks.
• Trim skin and bone & cut the tuna into jars size pieces.
• Stuff tuna into the half pint jars.
• Add oil, a pinch of salt and the secret ingredient.
• Wipe the jar rims and top with lids, tightening securely.
• Can the finished jars in pressure cookers for 90 minutes.
• Cool the finished jars, check for proper sealing and pack into original boxes.
• Take home jars and eat tuna with the pride of knowing you supported fishermen in our region.

Special Considerations for the Day

This is a fun, busy, exciting event, and we've learned from past events some strategies to ensure the highest quality of product for attendees while allowing for a smooth day. There are some considerations about this unique event. Please read through below before signing up to be sure this will work for you!

Please bring an apron and wear clothes you can get dirty/smelly: raw tuna can scent and stain. Please wear closed-toe/low heeled shoes that will comfortable and safe for standing and working in the busy kitchen environment.


This is a community cooking event with the goal of producing enough processed tuna for all attendees. Please keep in mind everyone will be pitching in with a variety of tasks. You might not have the opportunity to complete each step in the process, but we want you to learn, so if you have questions, or want a rotation on another station, please let us know!

Due to safety issues and consistency, customization of the tuna canning process isn't possible. We'll all be using the same recipe, and working together to produce for the entire group.

While you'll definitely receive the flats you ordered, it's likely the actual pieces of fish and/or jars you personally work with won't be the particular ones you go home with due to the timing of the processing, etc. So we'll all work together to ensure the overall quality is the same for each jar, so all can be assured of a delicious, well-made flat of tuna to take home.

Finished flats will be distributed when prepared and in numbered order based on arrival throughout the day and pick-up window. If you are not present when your number is ready during your pick-up window, your place in the pick-up will be forfeited. (You will still definitely get your fish if you eventually return to pick-up, just that we'll move to next numbers in the pick-up window in the interim.)

If you cannot return that day during your pick-up window, we will be scheduling one alternate pick-up day (location/date TBD). Flats not retrieved by this alternate date will be donated. (You may send someone in your place to pick-up your flat. Flats will not be delivered.)

Pomegranate Bistro

Pomegranate Bistro

Food At/Near Event

• We'll have hot beverages and some light refreshments.
Pomegranate Bistro: Adjacent to this site is Lisa's lovely Pomegranate Bistro which will be open during our event.
First shifters: please note you'll probably have time to grab lunch before your pick-up window.
Second shifters: you will probably want to eat brunch prior to arriving, and, if needed, grab a snack or light late lunch after your processing and before your pick-up window.